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ASP.NET 6.0 Hosting (.NET 6 Hosting) Coming Soon to Adaptive Web Hosting

.NET 6.0 Core Hosting was launched and is fully supported at Adaptive.

.NET 6 will be released in November 2021

On April 8th 2021 Microsoft announced the release of .NET 6.0 Preview 3.  It was also announced the production release of .NET 6 will be November of 2021. Adaptive Web Hosting will be offering ASP.NET 6.0 Hosting and the .NET 6.0 framework on our ASP.NET hosting plans when its released in November 2021.

.NET 6 has been tested with Visual Studio 16.10 Preview 1 and Visual Studio for Mac 8.9. We recommend you use those builds if you want to try .NET 6.

Microsoft noted the following additions and improvements in .NET 6 Preview 3:

  • A new unsafe API, CollectionsMarshal.GetValueRef, makes updating struct values in dictionaries faster. This API is intended for high-performance scenarios.

  • Interface casting performance has been improved by 16 percent to 38 percent, which is particularly useful for C# pattern matching to and between interfaces.

  • Code generation has been improved in RyuJIT via multiple changes, to make the process more efficient or resulting code run faster.

  • Early support for .NET Hot Reload now is available for ASP.NET Core and Blazor projects using dotnet watch. Hot Reload applies code changes to a running app without restarting it and without losing app state. Code changes that cannot be applied to the running app can be applied by rebuilding and restarting the app. This is the first step in a more comprehensive plan to bring this technology to all .NET developers, supporting desktop development (WPF, WinUI, WinForms), cross-platform client scenarios in .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI), and more. Hot Reload will be supported with additional platforms in future previews of .NET 6.

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