Benefits of .NET Core 7.0

BLOG Benefits of .NET Core 7.0 The .NET Core 7.0 is the latest version of the popular open-source, cross-platform development platform from Microsoft. It is designed to make .NET development easier, faster, and more flexible for developers, and offers a range of benefits for those looking to build modern, cloud-connected applications.  The .NET Core 7.0 […]

.NET 7.0 Core Hosting is Here

BLOG ASP.NET Core 7.0 Hosting is here at Adaptive Now available for production use, .NET 7 has significant improvements to .NET development with containers. .NET 7 is now released and installed on all servers We are excited to announce that .NET 7 is now released and installed on all our Microsoft Windows servers. This is […]

Adaptive Launches .NET 6.0 Hosting


BLOG ASP.NET 6.0 Core Hosting Is Here! Create a website or build & deploy an app using our ultrafast ASP.NET Core platform. Get started today! Adaptive Web Hosting is proud and excited to be one of the first web hosting companies to announce that ASP.NET Core 6.0 Hosting is fully supported and available for free […]

ASP.NET and .NET Core Hosting Plan Features and Comparison Chart

ASP.NET HOSTING feature comparison ASP.NET Hosting & .NET Core Plans Features and Comparison Chart Windows Developers and Designers can benefit from using Windows Server 2022/2019, ASP.NET 4.8 and .NET Core to design and develop applications and websites that are highly secure and reliable, giving users an exceptional end-user experience. Discover the unparalleled features below.

ASP.NET Core Hosting | .NET Core 7.0 & 6.0 Hosting at Adaptive

.NET CORE HOSTING Up to 33% Off Optimized ASP.NET Core Hosting Platform with .NET Core 7.0, 6.0, & more. Deploy modern .NET Core and Blazor apps with ease on our powerful platforms. Enjoy user-friendly, customizable development with smoother processes than ever before. Streamline your success with us. Windows Plans OR Linux Plans Choose your ASP.NET […]

ASP.NET Hosting, .NET Core, Free SQL 2022, Plesk

ASP.NET HOSTING Optimized ASP.NET Hosting & .NET Core Platform Our web hosting plans feature Windows Server 2022 and SQL 2022, offering the latest ASP.NET and .NET Core versions for high-performance website creation. Get powerful, reliable hosting with cutting-edge technologies for unbeatable website performance. SEE PLANS Choose your Windows ASP.NET Hosting Plan Choose from our top […]