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.NET 7.0

.NET 7.0 Hosting Coming Soon to Adaptive

Now available in the first preview, .NET 7 promises significant improvement to .NET development with containers.

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May 2002 Update: .NET 7.0 is now in Preview 4!

In case you didn’t hear, .NET 7.0 is here!

OK, OK, it’s not really here. It’s only a preview release. But Microsoft did just release .NET 7.0 Preview 1 and releases of ASP.NET Core 7 and Entity Framework 7.

Highlights of .NET 7 Preview 1:

– Annotations to APIs to support nullability

– New APIs

– Ongoing JIT compiler optimizations

– Support for additional hot reload scenarios

You can try out .NET 7 Hosting in our environment since we allow you to run it “self-contained” mode (where all the assemblies are included) in your own website space.  This means you upload only the elements you need. .NET 7.0 is not yet released for production use so we currently would not provide support. For assistance in converting a framework-dependent application to self-contained in Visual Studio please refer to our article. Microsoft anticipates a release date for .NET 7.0 to be in November 2022. Adaptive will provide support for .NET 7.0 when it is released for production use.

You can download .NET 7 Preview 1 for Windows, macOS, and Linux, but Microsoft recommends that developers interested in targeting this version use a preview channel version of Visual Studio for Windows and not the recently released Visual Studio 2022 version 17.1.